A poll of The Knot's brides mirrors a regret that is commonly echoed from brides past. "I regret not hiring a professional videographer." Here's to the brides that found it in the budget to get those sentimental tears and hilarious dance moves on film.  


megan & Kyle

Filming this wedding was special. A friend from the Air Force brat days, Megan and her groom, Kyle, were open to doing something off the wall. So, we took one of their stargazing dates and turned it into a metaphor for the wedding day, and their marriage: Slow and steady up to sparks and stars. Even though now you know she's a bit biased, read her take on the experience here.


A beautiful wedding all around, Megan and Robert were the epitome of the people you'll find in the Midwest. So kind and genuine, and those values showed through in every detail.

Nadia & Kyle

Nothing makes the power of starting a journey into marriage feel quite as real as when the groom bursts into tears upon seeing his bride, dressed in white, daring to begin. The friendship and chemistry between Nadia & Kyle was all too visible. It was evident from the first light to the last flicker of the day that they were genuinely devoted to their new life together. Read their review here.

Graci & Eric

Pure class. Nothing else to describe this estate wedding that you would never have guessed was in central Iowa. The location, the details, and the love all spoke for themselves.