If you've ever stuttered a little bit when someone asks what you do, we understand. Not all jobs are straightforward and not all trades have an elevator pitch. Sometimes the only way to help someone understand is to quite literally show them. 


THE LAYLOW x sOsupersam

The newest hotel in Waikiki is a mid-century modern oasis steeped in aloha. Entrusted with the opportunity to show visitors and locals alike what that means, this video and others like it are a peak inside - through the lens of people from all walks of life. SOSUPERSAM, a performing artist and dj from LA, took to The Laylow to work and relax, tucked away from the commotion of Waikiki. Work created in collaboration with Hawaii's oldest ad agency, MVNP.



What happens when America's young National Park explorers find themselves with goods that aren't made to last? Fontenelle Supply Co. A group of four friends who are preserving the heritage of their grandfathers through traditional manufacturing and supporting brands who do the same. Hear their story and what matters to them beyond the leather, wood, and axes. 



Most people know it can be hard to figure out what working with a freelancer will actually be like. Sure, you like their stuff on Instagram, but will they be awkward to have at your wedding or in your home? We wanted to create a video for Frees Frame Photography that took the guesswork out of it. To show exactly what it's like to be on a shoot with this guy. See his colorful review here and another fun extra from the shoot here.


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